Frank Simeone is a well known motion picture producer and production manager in San Francisco, who has produced and managed over thirty films. His motion picture career began as a production assistant at American Zoetrope where he continued to work through the productions of The Black Stallion, Hammett, and Rumble Fish. He worked as a production manager on two LucasFilms projects, The Battle for Endor, a network television special that was released theatrically over seas and Tiger Tales, a dramatic short to encourage children to read. Frank’s production experience in the studios of American Zoetrope, LucasFilms and the Zaentz Film Center has enabled him to help independent filmmakers get their features “in the can.” Some of these first time features include Nina Takes a Lover, Dumbarton Bridge, and the film festival hit, Dream with the Fishes. He worked on LucasFilms’ Phantom Menace and most recently on Ang Lee’s The Hulk, Bee Season, The Assassination of Richard Nixon and X Men III – The Last Stand. The feature dramas and documentaries he has produced and managed have been distributed internationally and broadcast throughout the world.