CYMRU FILMS has been producing award-winning documentaries and features in the Bay Area for fifteen years. Broadcast credits include programs for NOVA, PBS, and The Discovery Channel. Victoria Lewis and Frank Simeone, who are Cymru Films, named their company after a visit to Wales. This fairy tale country whose people are distinguished in theatre, film and the arts, inspired them to produce character-driven films that shed light on environmental, cultural, and social issues.

Their films have been featured in festivals all over the world and explore a wide range of subjects such as water dowsing, obsessive collectors, community art, and the last Tsar of Russia. New projects include Framed! an investigative documentary that explores the 1990 car-bombing of environmental activists, Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney, and Women in Sinema, a feature length film that examines women’s roles in exploitation films.

Simeone and Lewis have extensive experience in narrative films. Together they write, budget, schedule, design, direct, edit and produce movies, commercials, and music videos from a single idea. They own film and video production and post-production equipment and work with the best crew to bring your vision to the screen.